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LivingBEADS paper bead jewelery Singapore


Living BEADS was started in 2012 but the real story began with a timely move in 2009 from Switzerland to Singapore creating a full circle of effects in our lives if one wishes.  LivingBEADS was started with the support of my family and inspired by my life long passion for creation and teaching as I was looking to impact change in a new way.  We were all somehow looking for ways to help some of the amazing people we met during our travels, be it in Thailand, Bali or Bintan, Indonesia, in some meaningful long term way. The turning point in the project was a mix of circumstances and opportunity.  The circumstance of my professional life changed as I left my 7 year teaching position at a public school Bois Murat Junior High School in Epalinges, Switzerland, so I had time on my hands to recreate myself in a new way.  We took the opportunity that we were now only 45mins by ferry, from the beautiful island of Bintan, where we immediately fell in love with the sleepy, tropical paradise, the kind and generous people of Indonesia.  We at LivingBEADS make it our mission to be passionate about creating, passionate about preserving nature, and passionate about helping those in need.​
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Our main goal is to create Eco friendly jewellery and accessories, generate jobs and provide an  Ethical and Sustainable living for its members.  Eco friendly means we Upcycle materials found mostly in Singapore and Bintan such as paper, tetrapak, cardboard, pull tabs and turn it into something beautiful and unrecognizable from its source.  We design around its qualities as a material rather than the other way around.


We are different from most NGOs because we are a for profit social entrepreneurship company that responsibilises its members who work for the company.  Living BEADS works towards an Eco Ethical Living.  We are Eco oriented by using recycled, recuperated and reused materials.  We strive to be Ethical as we provide more than  a regular salary, we encourage  each member to be a shareholder in the company and to encourage active participation in the development, designs and direction on a daily basis. 

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Monique Hempel Turini,

Director, Designer and Founder

B.Sc (Textiles), M.Ed OU (Applied Linguistics)

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